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ClassWatch™ was brought to life by John, Ryan and Kevin MacCauley, three of seven children whose parents taught them the value of hard work and a quality education–lessons they’ve never forgotten.

Together, the brothers started by dedicating themselves to bringing graduates and alumni the opportunity to commemorate their achievements in a way that would fit the occasion. In ClassWatch™, they found that in offering luxury timepieces, carefully chosen and then even more carefully customized for each individual, they were able to provide people with something personal and special. They were able to offer a product that reflected the exact values their family had taught them.

  • John S. MacCauley III.

    Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer

    University of Evansville (Electrical Engineering)
    University of Notre Dame (Exec. MBA – Mendoza)

    John got the ball rolling. The first in the family to graduate from college, he knew that graduation was a moment of great importance that deserved to be remembered. But, as his special day approached, John couldn’t seem to find anything that truly fit the moment–or him. The bookstore contained a sea of commemorative pieces. However, as he prepared to venture out into the working world, the practicality and price of a class ring didn’t hold up. It was at that moment, on a university campus, in the midst of graduation, that the class watch idea was born.

  • Ryan C. MacCauley.

    Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

    Indiana University (Computer Science - Kelley)
    University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (MBA – Kenan Flagler)

    Ryan picked up where his brother left off and pursued an advanced degree to help further flesh out the class watch concept and turn his brother's idea into a reality. Over the course of the two-year program, Ryan evolved and orchestrated the full development of what would be called: ClassWatch™. As a result of these efforts, Ryan won the coveted entrepreneurship award for most successful launch concept. And the idea began to live.

  • Kevin R. MacCauley.

    Indiana University (Marketing – Kelley)

    Kevin was a member of the original ClassWatch startup team with his older brother Ryan. He discovered his knack for entrepreneurship while in college where he founded Indiana University Circle of Life. Circle of Life is a not for profit organization that provides scholarships to cancer survivors by hosting an annual half marathon and 5k. Kevin’s unique mix of skills were instrumental in launching the ClassWatch brand. Kevin currently works for the American Heart Association in Washington D.C. as the Director for Corporate Relations.